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Boater Rewards is built from bow to stern to be your personalized boating association. We are a national membership association that aims to create a better overall boating experience on your body of water. We're dedicated to partnering with organizations that provide you with the best 24/7 on-water assistance, national and local product discounts and boating information to help you get more out of your time on the water.

Benefits of a Boater Rewards Membership

Our top priorities are convenience and safety, and by joining, you get access to top of the line benefits, resources and education. We work hard everyday to care about you and the water you boat on. Between Boater Rewards and all of our partner organizations, you can rest assured that your boating experience will be the very best.


Access to industry leading insurance coverage and discounts built exclusively for boat owners by Norman-Spencer.

Safety Priority

We support safety and advocacy to ensure that boaters are able to enjoy boating safely today, and that boating is protected for years to come.

Community Access

Members receive the Boater Rewards Newsletter with up-to-date boating news, professional insights, and discounts.

Travel & Lifestyle Discounts

Save from coast to coast with over 300,000 discounts on hotels, movie tickets and restaurants.

Boating Discounts

Enjoy our growing list of partners from across the boating industry offering you savings on supplies, accessories, and more.

Boating Toolbox

Everything you need for your boating experience including interactive local maps, an event calendar, educational resources and our eNewsletter.

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