Protecting boaters through
safety, advocacy and education.

About the Worldwide Boaters Safety Group

The Worldwide Boaters Safety Group (WBSG) has helped members enjoy the water more safely for over 20 years. From the beginning, the WBSG has been dedicated to protecting boaters, whether that is by representing their unique rights and concerns in legislation, or supporting efforts that educate and equip boaters to be safer on the water. Throughout the history of the WBSG it has worked with numerous organizations and made efforts to do everything from creating safety manuals to offering scholarships.

Today the WBSG is excited to partner closely with the Global Marine Insurance Agency and Boater Rewards to deliver a more complete membership. Boater Rewards provides members access to far greater benefits and services than ever before, while continuing to support the mission and efforts that the WBSG has worked towards for over 2 decades. Thanks to Boater Rewards and its management of all membership activities, the WBSG can focus on continuing its legacy and expanding its reach to new areas.

Learn more about the role of the WBSG and its services by contacting us at 513.725.2575 or