Peace of mind on
and off the water.

Towing Dispatch Powered by Sea Tow®

When something goes wrong on the water, the last thing you want is a hassle getting a service professional out to help you. Boater Rewards members have peace of mind, knowing that they only need to call one number to get reliable, professional help out to them quickly.

What about when you're towing your boat out to the ramp, or on a family vacation?
We have you covered there as well. Call Sea Tow for roadside help, and they'll dispatch someone to take care of you.

What is Sea Tow?

Sea Tow is the #1 choice of boaters nationwide for expert on-water assistance. Whether you need a timely tow, fuel delivery or jump start, our partnership with Sea Tow gives you a direct connection to expert Captains who can help 24/7.

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Do You Already Have Tow Coverage?


The answer is likely yes. Many boat owners are unaware that their insurance policies have reimbursement coverage for a tow. In fact, if you're insured through our partner Global Marine Insurance AquaPac and TradeWinds programs you have towing coverage built right into your policy with no deductible for using it!

No matter what coverage you have, what you really need is the peace of mind from knowing that whether you need assistance on-water or roadside the dispatch team at Sea Tow is standing by ready to send help. Then, once you have been taken care of, your team at Boater Rewards is here to help you navigate the claims process.

Here's How It Works


Included in your regular Boater Rewards Membership, you get quality on-water and roadside towing dispatch & assistance powered by Sea Tow®.

  • If you run into trouble, call 844.400.2792.
  • Sea Tow will send their vessel, or another reputable tow provider to help you. Or, if you're roadside and need help with your boat trailer, Sea Tow will send a service provider from one of their partner networks.
  • You pay the tow or roadside provider directly.
  • Boater Rewards will quickly assist you in getting the claim filed with your insurance company.
    • If a Sea Tow vessel was dispatched, they will send us the receipts directly
    • If it was a partner vessel or roadside assistance, you send us the receipts and we take it from there.

As most of our members are insured through Global Marine Insurance, our partnership with them will help expedite the claims filing process. Their goal is to get the claim processed quickly.

Want to Upgrade to a Sea Tow Gold Membership?


Looking for a higher level of service than your insurance policy provides or have an insurance policy that does not provide on-water towing assistance?

Contact our friends at Sea Tow and upgrade. Boater Rewards members get a 15% discount off your Sea Tow Gold Card or Lake Card membership.

Sea Tow membership benefits include:

  • Service on every boat you own - no matter who is driving
  • Service on any boat you charter, rent, lease or borrow
  • No need to file a claim or request reimbursement
  • Towing from your home dock to a repair facility
  • Access to Sea Tow Savings Clubs for fuel discounts, rental cars & more!
  • Plus, FREE covered ungroundings, jump starts, boat towing and fuel deliveries!
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