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Boater Rewards is proud to offer industry-leading perks, including exclusive access to discounts. Costs associated with your boat can add up quickly, so we use our relationships with vendors, marinas and dealers to provide you with savings on products and services. Become a member today, and see what each of our partner businesses can do to improve your boating experience.

Travel & Lifestyle Discounts

Over 250,000 Boater Rewards Member Perks

Boater Rewards membership grants you access to our member portal and app, which include travel and lifestyle discount codes and coupons. Our members get to enjoy a better time on the water through our other rewards, but the discount portal extends our perks to time spent on land as well.

Boater Rewards Exclusive Access:

Click through to our Travel & Lifestyle Discount Portal to save on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

Boat Owners Warehouse

Boat Owners Warehouse is one of the largest independent marine supply companies. BOW works with over 900 manufacturers to offer over 20,000 products in-store and online for boats and yachts.

Boater Rewards Exclusive Perk:

5% off storewide, followed by rotating promotions and discounts. Contact Boat Owners Warehouse at 1-800-BOATS99 (262-8799) for more info.


ValvTect Marine Gasoline and Premium Diesel with BioGuard are the only gasoline and diesel fuel “specifically formulated” for marine engines and operating conditions. Visit www.valvtect.com or call 800-728-8258 for the location of your nearest Certified ValvTect Marina.

Boater Rewards Perk:

$5 mail-in rebate to be printed and redeemed when purchasing.

Tucket Footwear

Tucket Footwear combines the traditional look of boat shoes with modern design elements. The company’s shoes maximize drainability and grip while maintaining the style and comfort that have made boat shoes popular.

Boater Rewards Exclusive Perk:

$10 off per pair and free shipping.


Kingii Wearables are the smallest inflatable in the world. These safety wrist accessories provide an instant, reusable flotation device activated by an internal CO2 cartridge and inflation bag.

Boater Rewards Exclusive Perk:

20% off and free shipping.


BOATERexam.com is a leading provider of online boater education across North America. The site’s online courses allow boaters to obtain a U.S. State Boating License or a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Boater Rewards Perk:

$5 off a state boating license.


Since 2005, BoatHistoryReport.com has been the leading provider of watercraft history reports. The site helps customers make more informed decisions when purchasing used watercraft. Providing all available information helps consumers and the marine industry guard themselves against unknowingly buying a vessel with undisclosed damage that could compromise safety on the water.

Boater Rewards Perk:

$5 Email-In Rebate

Aqua Lily Pad

Add more fun and relaxation to your next on-the-water outing with Aqua Lily Pad. It's number one when it comes to entertaining or relaxing with family and friends. Roll it out, and let the fun begin! Both kids and adults enjoy the Aqua Lily Pad, the most durable and comfortable foam floating pad on the market today. Never get wet without it!

Boater Rewards Perk:

Free Shipping. This coupon is only good for the Aqua Lily Pads and Bull Frog Pads

Soft Lines

Soft Lines helps you build your own personalized floating dock lines and ropes. Customize your boat dock lines, boat fender lines and boat anchor lines with a label bearing your boat's name. Transient boat dock lines, permanent boat dock lines and boat launch lines with stainless steel spring gate hooks are also available. All boat dock line and rope products are available in customized colors and lengths.

Boater Rewards Perk:

15% off customizable boat lines

Monster Tower

Transform your boat into the perfect wakeboarding machine with a Monster Tower! The company offers same-day shipping and a wide selection of wakeboard tower accessories to fit your lifestyle.

Boater Rewards Perk:

5% off any retail order over $100 dollars

BABE'S Boats™

BABE'S Boat Care Products have been formulated to clean and protect your boat in extreme conditions. From gelcoat to vinyl, BABE'S offers a complete line of easy-to-use maintenance products. Best of all, BABE'S products are environmentally friendly!

Boater Rewards Perk:

5% off any retail order over $100 dollars

HO Sports & Hyperlite

HO Sports and Hyperlite are known as pioneers in water sports for their innovative recreational products. Since 1982, HO Sports has built an outstanding selection of water skis, tubes, kneeboards and much more to fulfill your appetite for adventure on the water. Hyperlite started in 1991 on the shores of Lake Sammamish in Washington State. The company, devoted to wakeboarding, produces equipment for free riders, contest riders, boat and cable riders to meet your style and preferred method of pull.

Boater Rewards Perk:

5% off large selection of items through Bart's Water Sports


The TurboSwing tow system was designed to give outboard powered boat owners a simple and effective method to accommodate towed watersports. This system gives you the ultimate water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and snorkelling sensation. The stainless steel tow bar can be attached to the motor bracket using two holders and bracket bolts without dismounting the motor. A TurboSwing tow bar delivers a true balance of power, superb boat handling and comfortable ride.

Boater Rewards Perk:

10% off any one TurboSwing tow bar


Hertz is much more than a rental car business, priding itself on dedication to customers' changing needs by offering a wide variety of vehicles and services. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly rental for the family or trying to get around on your own with speed and ease, they have it all.

Boater Rewards Perk:

Discount all year round when renting with Hertz


Weego portable batteries are not your average power source. These powerful devices are small enough to fit in your pocket, but they can save the day just when you need them. Their Jump Starter models can handle jobs big and small, from charging your phone to jumping your boat or car.

Boater Rewards Perk:

15% off all portable power devices

Trophy Bass Company

Trophy Bass Company has designed jigs for big fish. These jigs have all the bells and whistles a jig should have. Flip it, skip it, or drag it these jigs perform for fishermen who fish for $100,000 tournament winnings. Do you want to win your fishing tournament or are you out to catch the biggest fish in your pond? Either way these jigs get it done.

Boater Rewards Perk:

20% off your purchase