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Boater Rewards simplifies the world of boating and online tools so that members are safe and informed. We continue to expand our resources with the help of the following organizations.

Boating Organizations

National Safe
Boating Council

The NSBC is an authority on creating a safer recreational boating experience, and it can assist boaters through education, outreach and training.

U.S. Coast
Guard Auxiliary

This national nonprofit organization supports Coast Guard Activities, and it can help you prepared for the upcoming boat season.

U.S. Coast Guard
Boating Safety Division

The Boating Safety Division is dedicated to improving knowledge, skills and abilities of boaters. Use this site for accident reporting and safety information.

U.S. Coast Guard
America's Waterway Watch

America's Waterway Watch encourages its participants to report suspicious activity to the Coast Guard or law enforcement. Keep the waterways safe.

United States 
Power Squadrons

USPS is the largest recreational boating organization in the world. Take advantage of online, classroom and hands-on training to improve your boating skills and knowledge.

National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

NOAA uses cutting-edge research and high-tech instrumentation to provide reliable weather information. Use their up-to-date radar and forecasts to plan your trip safely.

National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

NASBLA provides information about the boating programs in each state. Find out about safety education, law enforcement, numbering and titling and much more.

Recreational Boating &
Fishing Foundation

Whether you're new to fishing or a lifelong angler, RBFF-Take Me Fishing has everything you need to enjoy your time fishing on the water.

Discover Boating

Discover Boating includes information about buying guidance, boating education, safe boating tips and a beginner's guide to owning and operating a boat.

Boating Safety

USCG Aux - Recreational
Boaters Safety Link

Find the recrational boaters safety links to useful info on everything from float plans and accident reporting to carbon monoxide detection.

How to Choose
the Right Life Jacket

The USCG Auxiliary offers advice on making sure that your life jackets fit, they keep you and your passengers afloat and you properly store them aboard your vessel.

USCG Boating Safety PSAs

Access this USCG Boating Safety video library to help yourself and others stay educated about boating safely out on the water.

Wear It!

Wearing a life jacket is critical every time you go out on the water. Make a pledge to wear yours, and help to teach others about the importance of wearing it!

Operation Dry Water

Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in recreational boating deaths. Learn the dangers of impaired boating from Operation Dry Water.

Boating Courses

BoaterExam - Boating License Online

BOATERexam.com is a leading provider of online boater education. The online courses allow boaters to obtain a U.S. State Boating License or a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

USPS Boating Education

Online, classroom and hands-on boating courses are available from the USPS. Register now to improve your boating skills and knowledge.

USCG Aux Courses

These courses provide instruction to boaters at all levels, from the fundamental to the advanced. Sign up to learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

NASBLA Approved Courses

NASBLA provides information about boating programs in each state. If you're looking for local boating education, NASBLA lists approved courses by state.

Free Materials & Services

Free USCG Vessel Safety Check

Schedule a free vessel safety check with the USCG to make sure you're prepared for the upcoming season. Get ready to safely enjoy the water.

Float Plan Central- USCG

Never put yourself in the position of needing help, without anyone knowing you're in danger or where you are. The Coast Guard gives you everything you need to file a float plan before going out.

Discover Boating Checklists

Let Discover Boating help you stay on top of motor care, winterization, semi-annual check ups, hurricane preparation and more with their helpful checklists.

National Safe Boating Council

Download and print a number of checklists, flyers and other useful information to keep you secure and prepared for whatever might come you or your boat's way.

USCG Boater's Pre-Underway Checklist

Customize a checklist for your boat that helps you make sure you have the proper items and that your boat is working properly before you depart.

Take Me Fishing - How To

Take Me Fishing hosts How To videos. They show both the basics and advanced techniques of fishing, so you can start building up your skillset.

Discover Boating

See how different boaters and boating families find adventure on the water with these inspirational videos. included are, Stories of Discovery, A Good Run & The Boating Guy.

Other Resources

USCG Accident Report

Boaters are required to report severe damage and injury on the water, and these forms on USCG can guide you through the process.

Boat Show Calendar

Across the nation and the world, boaters are finding the vessels of their dreams at boat shows. Find a show near you with this comprehensive calendar.

National Weather Service

Boating is a weather-dependent activity. Stay informed about current weather conditions, advisories and warnings with the National Weather Service radar.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles contains information of boat registrations in most states are available in one place with links to your state's entity.

Recalls & Alerts

With Recalls & Alerts, you can check their list periodically to make sure that your boat and equipment don't have any defects at any time.

NOAA Tides and Currents

Access local water levels, as well as, tide and current predictions with this interactive tool from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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