Boater Rewards FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about Boater Rewards. If your question is not answered below, email us at!

What is Boater Rewards?

Boater Rewards Association, PBC is a membership association dedicated to helping boaters get the most out of their time on the water. Annual membership includes discounts, information, tools and supporting legislative advocacy that enhance a boater’s lifestyle.

How do I become a Boater Rewards member?

To become a Boater Rewards member, visit our Membership Enrollment page or contact a Global Marine Insurance Agency Representative.

What is included in my Boater Rewards membership?

Boater Rewards is proud to offer industry-leading perks, including exclusive access to discounts, news, guides, online resources and recreational boating information. Safety resources, tips, and legislative support and advocacy is also available to members and the greater boating community. A specific list of rewards can be found at

How long does my membership last?

A Boater Rewards membership is valid for one full year after it is purchased. Your renewal date is 365 days after your initial membership is processed. Boater Rewards members can join at any time, and start receiving perks immediately after sign up!

What does a Boater Rewards membership cost?

Membership costs $20 a year, but all Global Marine Insurance Agency insureds get $5 off. 

What benefits are available to me locally?

While all of our benefits are available nationwide, Boater Rewards provides member access to region-specific news through the monthly newsletter and the resources page of the website. Members also have access to deals and events in your area, that can be found through a searchable map and event calendar on the Boater Rewards website. Local resources, locations and events are being added weekly, so check for the latest information.

How do I redeem my Boater Rewards benefits?

Members can login to with their email and password to access all the benefits. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to access special promotion codes for our vendor sites at also provides you with access to the latest newsletters, articles, boating news and resources.

Do I need a rewards or points card to access my Boater Rewards Benefits?

No, you do not need a rewards or points card to access benefits, nor will you need to accrue points to redeem perks. All members receive the same benefits. Specific member benefits can be viewed and accessed by logging into

How do I log into the website?

Boater Rewards members will receive an email with your username and temporary password at the time of sign up. Once you have a temporary login, visit and enter your credentials. There, you will be prompted to update your password. If you have not received a temporary login email, please contact us at

What communications will I receive from Boater Rewards?

You’ll receive a welcome email with your login information once your membership has been processed and ongoing monthly eNewsletters, featuring the latest boating information and stories from across the nation. You’ll also receive general communication with updates about your membership!

What is a PBC or Public Benefit Corporation?

Boater Rewards is proud to be a public benefit corporation (PBC). A Public Benefit Corporation is a type of for-profit company that has the flexibility to work towards a greater mission benefiting the public. Boater Rewards’ mission is providing members with benefits, resources, and information to enhance their boating experience.

What is the WBSG?

The Worldwide Boaters Safety Group (WBSG) is a non-profit dedicated to providing the latest in education, safety and legislative advocacy to boaters. Boater Rewards members continue to receive all the benefits of WBSG, as it continues its mission as the safety and advocacy partner of Boater Rewards. 

What’s the difference between WBSG & Boater Rewards?

WBSG is the non-profit safety and advocacy partner of Boater Rewards, while Boater Rewards is a complete membership association that offers members industry-leading perks, including exclusive access to discounts.

What happened to the WBSG?

The WBSG is still a functioning nonprofit in the boating community, and it continues to serve boaters through education, safety, health and legislative efforts. Boater Rewards members benefit from the WBSG, as it continues its mission as the safety and advocacy partner of Boater Rewards.

My question isn’t listed here. How do I contact someone at Boater Rewards?

Visit for more info, or call (513) 725-2575. Prefer to email? Send us a note at for general questions and for technical questions.