Boat Accessories to Think About Before the Season Begins


Our friends at Boat Owners Warehouse have thousands of products to make for a better boating season in 2018. See which small items could make a big difference!

Repairs, maintenance and dewinterization have used up a nice chunk of your time and resources. The fun part of owning a boat, actually taking it out for a cruise, is coming, and the potential for a good time is endless. That's why we want to tell you about Boater Rewards partner Boat Owners Warehouse (BOW) and their products, which are all 5% off for our members. Here's a look at a few items to consider before heading out on 2018's maiden voyage.


Portable organizers can keep bolts, screws and other small boat parts secure for fixes on land or at sea. If your boat needs some extra room to keep VHF radios, phones, sunglasses or whatever else, cockpit caddies with super suction are a great answer, and dry bags are a perfect pick up for bringing anything on board that can't get wet.

Rope and Bungees

It's a good idea to replace your rope and bungees every few years. They hold your prized possession, and they shouldn't be worn down or fraying. BOW has plenty of reliable options for keeping your boat where it needs to be, and another of our partners, SoftLines, provides dock, fender, anchor and boat launch lines.


We know watersports lovers are big on capturing what they do. BOW offers a perfect miniature camera for recording all your skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing action above the surface and a waterproof holder for any diving below it.

Key Chains

Is your clip worn down? Does your floating foam chain look like it's seen better days? BOW has all kinds of options, including aluminum c-clips and floating key chains that can hold important documents and keep them from water damage.


Boarding mats keep passengers from sliding as they come aboard, and deck mats prevent those aches and pains in your feet, legs and back from being on the water all day.

Drink Holders

Time with friends calls for a celebration, and taking the party to your boat is even better. Attachable, fold-up drink holders stay out of the way and give your guests more room to secure their cold beverages.

These are just a few suggestions that could give your boating experience a boost in 2018. In fact, BOW has thousands of products to choose from, and we encourage you to check them out at with 5% off anything courtesy of us. You can learn more about all the discounts you can access with a Boater Rewards membership at

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