Ask Barry: Tune Up Your Propeller


Getting repairs now can help you save money and prepare for a better boating season. See how you can start with your propeller!

We are getting closer and closer to peak boating season. By now, I have been to the boat shows and looked at all sorts of cool accessories for my boat. I’m pretty excited to get out there, but there are still a couple things left on my checklist to cover.

It’s time to evaluate my boat, and first I would like to talk about propellers. Now is the best time of the year to have certain repairs performed on your boat, and prop repair is more likely to cost less now than in late spring, when repairs are in full swing. This is true of other repairs, as well, so you will want to check other areas of the boat at this time too, including: motor, hull, hoses, lamps, wiring, etc.

This year, I have a couple of dings on my prop. The lake where I do most of my boating was pretty full last year, and we did have some debris floating around; there was a lot of debris actually. My propeller is not damaged to the point of vibrating, but it is showing wear, which means it is ready for repair. You don’t need to wait for problems to affect the ride of your boat to start addressing them, especially considering a repair later in the game can be much more costly and extensive.

With the cost of boating on the rise, you want to find areas to save money, and your propeller is one such area. Make sure it is in good condition. Your boat will perform better, and you will save gas, once again cutting down on spending. You can also ask the repair shop, or do your own research, about which propeller is the right fit for your boat. One size fits all does not apply to props, and you could be limiting your boat by having less than ideal equipment.

It’s easy to overlook our props during the course of early season maintenance. If you have a visit to the repair shop coming up, make sure you also have electrical and engine components checked, along with the structure of the boat, to find anything that might be a concern before the season gets started. If you don’t have maintenance scheduled, make a call today and save some dough before it’s too late.

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