Five Fun Boating Trips for 2018


Brainstorming where to go in 2018? Boaters will want to check out these locations in the new year for a great time on the land and water!

The start of a new year brings to mind all the possibilities for travel and excitement. This year is no different, and we’re sure you have been daydreaming about enjoying sunny boat trips since the hectic holidays have wrapped up.

With the help of our partners at Discover Boating, we’ve put together a list of five destinations that you might want to look closer at for your 2018 boating trips!

Plymouth, MA

This historical site on Massachusetts’ South Shore is known for the Mayflower and the pilgrims, but there are plenty of present-day nautical thrills to be found in the coastal waters. Spend a day learning about the heritage of the United States on the land, and enjoy excellently calm waters that are maintained all the way out into Cape Cod Bay.

Palm Beach, FL

Over 47 miles of Atlantic coastline give you a ton of room to enjoy the water. Whatever you are looking to get into in this warm paradise, you can do it. Fish, go snorkeling, sail or cruise in your boat or yacht in wonderful weather.

Harbor Springs, MI

Michigan winters are cold and long, but the mitten is filled with life in the summer. Warm sand dunes and small town charm make Harbor Springs an enjoyable place to be on the land, but the real joy is in the beauty and tranquility of the Great Lakes in this freshwater wonderland.

Carlsbad, CA

A short trip north from San Diego is a place whose average high temperature only fluctuates 10 degrees from summer to winter. Carlsbad is a haven for beachgoers and boaters alike with lots of sun and mild waves. You might not want to return home after getting a taste of the California sun.

Wynoochee Lake, WA

Washington is known for its hiking and scenic ocean views, but this breathtaking lake is a hidden treasure. If you want to enjoy a boating trip with an element of camping, this is the perfect spot for you. Word to the wise, it’s about 40 minutes away from any stores, so make sure to pack well.

Hopefully, one of these five spots inspired your trip ideas for 2018. Each one would make for an exciting adventure, and they capture the natural beauty of their respective regions. Wherever you go in 2018, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your time!

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