Introducing Fisherman's Toolbox


Learn more about fishing equipment and techniques from the newest Boater Rewards partner!

Boater Rewards is excited to announce our newest partner organization, Fisherman's Toolbox. This helpful website has tips and fishing gear reviews for anglers of all skill levels, and we can't wait to share their informative articles with you.

When Ted Begnoche, the founder of Fisherman's Toolbox, reached out to us offering his comprehensive guides to fishing techniques and technology, we knew his valuable insight could help our members on their fishing trips.

Some of the site's recent advice articles include:

Whether you're reeling in your first fish, or mastering the sport, Ted has advice you can't miss. We'll have more from him next month, when we're a little closer to the start of fishing season. Until then, we welcome Fisherman's Toolbox to the team, and we're counting down the days separating us from boating and fishing season.

Wishing you a good catch in 2018!

Matthew D. Franklin
Director, Boater Rewards

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