What to Do Once You've Bought a Boat


Now that you have a new ship for entertaining, fishing or enjoying water sports, there are a couple things to consider before setting out!

So you’re the captain of a brand new or beautiful used boat. You went to shows, you did the research and it’s time to enjoy the water with family and friends. This is a thrilling moment, and we are happy for you, but it might be best to pump the brakes a bit and get everything in order before setting out on adventures. There are a few matters you’ll want to take care of first, and we put together a helpful list below.


Whether or not you’re an experienced boater, a little practice never hurt. Make sure you are up-to-date on boating laws, and shake off any rust with courses and training from organizations like the National Safe Boating Council, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Discover Boating.


One of the most important steps in getting your new boat ready to go is to protect your investment with top of the line coverage. There are plenty of carriers out there, but coverage from a knowledgeable, trusted team like Norman-Spencer will leave you with stronger peace of mind.


Boat care products, dock lines, water sports equipment and hundreds of other accessories are a big boost to the ease of your boating journeys and the fun you have on them. All the accessories you could dream of are available at a discount from our partners for Boater Rewards members.

Emergency Procedures

Know who to contact in case of danger, and keep those close to you informed about where you plan to go and when. Dispatch services like Sea Tow are a good resource to have as well, so you can get yourself and your boat safely to shore.

After you get these important pieces squared away, you’ll feel much more confident on the water, and a clear head is just as important as a clear day for enjoying your boat.

If you have any additional questions about how to prepare for your new boat, we are happy to help at info@boaterrewards.com. Happy boating!

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