Turn to Our Partners for Gifts that Boaters Will Love


It’s the season of giving, and Boater Rewards Director Matt Franklin can tell you all about the perfect gifts for those who love the water!

Happy Holidays everyone, and thank you for being a proud member of Boater Rewards! 2017 has been an exciting year for all of us here on the team, as we’ve been privileged to bring on a number of fantastic partners, as well as an incredible number of new members.

We started Boater Rewards with the simple goal of creating a membership that would help boaters get more out of their time on the water. Today, we can do that in more ways than ever before thanks to the fantastic partners and industry groups who collaborate with us.

On a personal level I can say that I’m incredibly proud of the benefits that we now offer. It’s true that our team works hard to find great organizations and brands to join us, but this year I got to enjoy some of our organization’s benefits firsthand. As you would expect, they were all great, and I will elaborate on my experience below. However, please let me know what you think of them, so we can continually evaluate the benefits we offer!


I grew up boating in the midwest, but as I’ve worked with boaters across the country, I realized I wanted to learn a bit about the differences between boating laws in different states, or parts of the county. Taking this course online was as easy as advertised, and I chipped away at it whenever I had a spare moment. When my friends asked me how to learn to drive a boat, it was easy for me to recommend this as a first step before I went out with them.


I actually bought myself a Weego battery long before they came on as a partner, and I take it with me everywhere. It’s the first thing I throw in my bag whenever I’m travelling by air, road or water. Thankfully I haven’t had to use it to jump my car or boat yet, but it has saved my phone battery more times than I can count.

BABE’S Boat Care Products

Almost a year ago, I was contacted by a member who informed me that she had a boating brand herself. It didn’t take long to bring her fantastic line of boat care products on as a partner. The best part (for me) were the samples I received, so that I could see the quality for myself. It was still cold where I was at that point, but I took them with me to a friend’s boat further south, and the products absolutely delivered. Given how particular my friend is about what he puts on his boat, it was high praise that he loved the products.


This life saving product is one of my favorite ideas that I’ve come across in the last few years. I truly hope that they continue to sell as many as they can make, so that they save as many lives as possible. I was delighted to get one for myself, both so I can wear it when around the water but also so I could try it out (thanks to its reusability). For those who haven’t met me, I’m by no means a small guy at 6’7” tall. When I dove deep in the beautiful water at Lake Norris, TN I was thrilled to pull the lever and feel myself immediately being pulled to the surface where I could hold the Kingii to float just like their site shows.


What’s not to love about the awesome Boater Rewards branded dock lines that we got? When we went houseboating for the 4th of July, I brought these along, and they worked great for tying up our runabout to the houseboat all weekend. Softlines also sponsored Marc Phelps’ River Record and supplied all the rope and lines he needed. Not only did it help his adventure, but the lines held up great all the way down the Mississippi River as he fought through the weather effects of the hurricanes.

Boat Owners Warehouse

What don’t they have? Honestly, I think Barry could build a yacht out of their inventory. Any time someone asks me where they should get equipment for their boat I point them to the same place. When you compare the same items next to competitors, BOW’s prices are incredible BEFORE you add the Boater Rewards discount of 5% off storewide.

Boater Rewards Lifestyle Discounts Portal

The first time I ever used our lifestyle discounts was on Chinese food of all things. My dad loves this great little restaurant down the road from where I grew up, and he’ll always order enough to feed a small army when we go. Not only did I get to surprise my old man with 7 or 8 of his favorite Chinese dishes when I visited, but I was able to save a lot of money as I picked it all up.

These are just a random selection of the many great benefits we offer that I was able to enjoy personally this year. Go to the BoaterRewards.com/Rewards to see the full set of benefits that you have access to, including:

  • ValvTect Marine Fuel
  • Tucket Footwear
  • Boat History Report
  • Aqua Lily Pad
  • Monster Tower
  • HO Sports & Hyperlite
  • TurboSwing
  • Hertz
  • Trophy Bass Company

Beyond the many partners that offer our members discounts, I would also like to specially thank Norman-Spencer and Sea Tow. Our shared dedication to helping boaters and their continued commitment to quality have made these partnerships an amazing fit for everyone in Boater Rewards.

Most importantly I hope you have a fantastic holiday season with friends and loved ones as we all enjoy the things that really matter. Stay safe and look forward to more from us in the new year. I could not be more excited to see what 2018 has in store for us all!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Matt Franklin

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