Boater Rewards Sponsor 2017 River Record Adventure


Starting at mile marker 464, Marc Phelps traveled over 1,400 miles down the Mississippi River to break the world record for longest journey by jon boat - the 2017 River Record Adventure.

On August 26, 2017, Marc Phelps, cofounder of Cincinnati-based AlloyFx and resident of Crestview Hills, KY, launched his attempt to break the world record for longest journey by jon boat from the Pirate’s Cove Tropical Bar and Grill at Four Seasons Marina in Cincinnati.

Called the 2017 River Record Adventure, the 1,400 miles trip concluded the trip on September 16, when he arrived in New Orleans, doubling the previous record of 727 miles.

Boater Rewards was one of the sponsors of Phelps’ trip, connecting him with our partners, Boat Owners Warehouse Softlines, SeaTow and more!

The 1968 jon boat, named the “John Yoder” after a late close friend of Phelps, is 20’ long and 7.5’ wide with a flat bottom and 50 horsepower motor.

Jon boats are flat-bottomed boats typically used for hunting or fishing, and Phelps said his boat, which he has owned for about three months, served as a duck hunting vessel for almost all of its 49 years on the water.

Throughout his trip down the Mississippi River, he tried to average about 100 miles a day and endured lots of rain and rough currents brought on by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Phelps said strong currents increased his speed to 10 mph and sometimes as fast as 15-16 mph.

Phelps documented the entire 2017 River Record Adventure online, providing daily photos and video updates to his followers, many times as he was waiting at each lock along the Mississippi.

An avid outdoorsman and fisherman, Phelps trekked to base camp at Mt. Everest and summited Imja Tse, known as Island Peak with an elevation of 20,305 feet, in March 2014. “I’m working on checking off my bucket list,” he said. “I’m trying to make my dreams become reality.”

Find out more about Phelps and the 2017 River Record Adventure on the Grote website, and @GroteIndustries with the hashtag #GroteRiverRecord.

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