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Always on the forefront of progress, Nautique has lead the industry over the course of their 93-year history by providing relentless innovation while remaining true to their focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Find out more about what they have to offer.

Since 1925, Correct Craft has passionately strived to build high-quality boats that exceed the expectations of their customers. Correct Craft’s early involvement in waterski shows and three-event skiing lead to the introduction of the Ski Nautique and the Nautique brand in 1961, which later paved the way for their transition to building world-class wakeboard and wakesurf boats. Always on the forefront of progression, Nautique has lead the industry over the course of their 93-year history by providing relentless innovation while remaining true to their focus on quality and customer satisfaction. This focus has led to the creation of some impressive models of watercraft.


In terms of wakesurfing and wakeboarding towboats, the Super Air Nautique G-Series is the best of the best. The G23 continues to dominate the industry as the 5-time Wakeboard Boat of the Year and 4-time Wakesurf Boat of the Year. The G21 provides a more manageable 21-foot option for those looking for a nimbler version, and the G25 rounds out the line with a larger footprint and room for 19 people to come aboard.


The GS-Series was born out of a desire from the team at Nautique to produce the most versatile watersports boats on the market. The concept was to create a series that would provide ultimate versatility on the lake. You could wakesurf and wakeboard behind them at extremely high levels, and then turn around and waterski through a course, or in open water, with ease. The result of these lofty goals is what has been widely regarded as the best series of multi-sport boats to ever hit the market. The GS20, GS22 and GS24 provide size options to fit any need.

Ski Nautique 200

Nautique’s heritage comes from building the world’s best waterski boats generation after generation. Since its debut in 2009, the Ski Nautique 200 has 25 World Records and countless personal bests set behind it. Their fanatical approach to building the best waterski boat on the planet stems from a 50-year history of being the leader in three-event performance, and the Ski Nautique 200 is a testament to that dedication.

New for 2018

Nautique brought a lot of useful new features to the table for the 2018 model year. The brand-new Integrated Steering Assist utilizes a thruster at the stern of the G-Series models for better maneuverability in tight quarters, the re-designed G-Series towers offer 6” of additional height for improved headroom and the primary interior and seat-boxing choices now utilize Nautique’s entire vinyl collection for a much wider array of color options.

The Nautique Helm

There is nothing like sitting at the helm of a brand-new Nautique. If it feels like each control is always right where you need it, that’s no accident. The engineering and design teams have spent countless hours observing and researching how drivers utilize their boats in order to provide the best possible experience.

Why Nautique?

There is something called “The Nautique Difference” that truly sets apart the brand from the rest of the boats in the watersports market. When you step into a Nautique, it becomes very clear that they take design, functionality and the overall user-experience very seriously. The attention to detail in every piece of the boat along with extremely high-quality materials stands out, but what’s behind the boat is equally as impressive. The engineers at Nautique have worked tirelessly at making certain their boats outperform the rest. The wakesurf wave is clean and completely adjustable based on the surfer’s preferences, and wakeboard wakes can be completely customized for any rider as well. The waterski wakes are soft and allow for skiers to perform their best whether they are trick, slalom or jumping.

Read more about “The Nautique Difference” at www.nautique.com/models/nautique-difference. For more information, to locate a dealer or request a brochure head over to Nautique.com.

This article was provided and written by Nautique.

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